Wednesday, December 21, 2005

3 Step Plan

Something I made last night for an upcoming party that wasn't used so I'll put it here for other Roy Lichtenstein fans to enjoy.

Of course in this blogger theme it doesn't quite work.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005


What are the advantages of laying out text in columns? Are there any? I'm trying to think of some but I'm drawing a blank. I find it annoying having to move my focus down a line every 5 words, and then have to scroll up the entire page every time I get to the bottom of the first column (<12" screen). Then why are columns so prevalent in papers? I need to know.

Update: Found this link to answer some of my questions: The findings agree with my preference since I'm a slow reader.

MarsEdit and Meetro

Testing out MarsEdit some more. I guess after NetNewsWire was acquired, they made MarsEdit free? It sure beats going through blogger.

Also wanted to help out the people over at Meetro. Here's the low down:
Meetro has now launched its Mac private alpha and is looking for people to participate. We plan on distributing it to the first few hundred people that email us at So reserve your spot now! Also, please include the city/state you reside in as well when contacting us.

Meetro is a location-aware IM client, compatible with the major protocols. I can't say much more since I haven't installed the alpha yet.

Also, woah.

Monday, December 05, 2005


I've been biking a lot lately, out of necessity. Getting to school is a 5.5 mile ride, so I must average ~65 miles a week? Until Brendan pointed it out, I didn't I know that practically all of my commute is through the most expensive ZIP code in the country: 94027 (Atherton). It would be easier to tell if these driveways weren't 100 yards long with gated entrances :) Another cool part (and probably related) is crossing Sand Hill Rd, home of the venture capitalists that pump out 40% of that kind of funding in the US. I think that's the number I heard.