Monday, July 16, 2007

My Review of iRobot® Roomba® 400

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The iRobot Roomba is an intelligent and effective vacuuming robot that cleans floors routinely so you don't have to. Roomba's powerful vacuum and counter-rotating brushes automatically adjust from carpets to hard floor surfaces to lift dirt, dust and debris. Includes charger.

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By Martin from Mountain View, CA on 7/16/2007


4out of 5

Pros: Covers Entire Room, Hassle Free Operation, Cleans Under Furniture

Cons: Loses Charge Quickly

Best Uses: Hardwood Floors, Small Rooms, Carpeted Rooms

Describe Yourself: Renter

My Robot's Name: Cam

I live in an apartment where most of the floor is carpeted with a kitchen and bathroom with vinyl floors. The Roomba handles either surface very well. The threshold between the carpet and kitchen is a little high, so "Cam" did get stuck once while crossing over, but other than that my experience has been great. It covered the entire floor. The layout is pretty irregular to begin with and once you throw in furniture all around, it's pretty amazing that it covered so much ground and how nimble it was in tight spots. You'll have to watch the video for a better idea.

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Monday, July 09, 2007


Person 1: "What's a quid?"
Person 2: "It's like a dollar"
Person 3: "Like a buck"
Person 4: "It's like 2 bucks"
Person 3: "No"