Saturday, July 30, 2005

Garage Opener

Garage Opener
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Testing Flickr blog integration.

In the 6 years of living here (on and off), I hadn't noticed how poorly the garage opener design was. Why limit it to two columns instead of using the familiar layout of a mobile phone. There is plenty of available width. It must take me twice as long to punch in the PIN as it would on my phone. I'll just have to do it often enough to train the muscle memory.

Friday, July 29, 2005


Finished my first book ever: A Short History of Nearly Everything. Everything here means astrology, geology, physics, chemistry, taxonomy, zoology, etc. Thanks to [info]amienowheels for letting [info]songchilde borrow it.

Does anyone need a car? How about a 2004 Silver Toyota Corolla. Less than 30,000 miles. Say $12,000. Strike now and I'll throw in the auxiliary input adapter, i.e. you can listen to your MP3 player through the car stereo!

Does anyone have an apartment in the Palo Alto area? 3BR... ~$2000/mo. Need to move in by mid-September.

I always wondered what the 'FT' in MSFT (Microsoft's stock symbol) stood for. I mean MS must be MicroSoft... so what's FT? I recently became the last person to figure out that it must be MicroSoFT.

Anyone ever heard of SkillFusion? Just curious, and if so, what do you know about it?

Occasionally, NetNewsWire will "stick" on certain posts. When I advance to the next unread post, the title changes, but the entry body displays the content of the previous post. After about 20 seconds the body will update to display the correct information. Lazyweb? (as if I have that luxury)

I'm tired.

Monday, July 18, 2005


NetNewsWire needs to be able to display posts in chronological order, the reverse of arrival order. And if it is able to do so, I need to know how. It also needs the prefetching functionality of the Google Accelerator, for when I use it offline. Most of the more interesting posts include a link to some other document that I can't retrieve.

I got an e-mail from a guy about a mobile social network. He got my e-mail through some site that tracks community wireless groups. I [re-]started such a group after noticing there wasn't anything in the RDU area when I was interning at a company that dealt with setting up wireless networks. All the group ever entailed was a mailing list and I don't think anyone has posted on it in a while so I'll post the note here instead.

My team has created a project called Meetro that is a location based community building software of sort. You could also call it a social network. It works completely off of wifi networks, so we're looking to work
together with as many of the community projects out there to spread the word.

I fulfilled his request because of the latest news item on the page:

We've launched! Three cheers to the entire team for their herculean+ effort. We're off to get shitfaced. See you cats in the morning.

Wednesday, July 13, 2005


If you ever want a laptop with excellent wireless antennas, get an HP/Compaq. My dad has an HP; mom has a Compaq. They blow away the 12" Apple PowerBook (from 2003) with an Airport Extreme. Despite the addition of two wireless networks in the neighborhood from last summer, I can't get a consistent connection from inside... even with the aluminum foil. Looks like it'll be another summer of trading mosquito bites for bandwidth. Also, dad switched cellphones with me until his mobile gets unlocked, so there goes the Flickr activity.

Tuesday, July 05, 2005


Just to drive home my point about Continental...

  1. The agent at the gate had promised us that our flight had been rescheduled and arranged. Nothing else to do. I call to confirm the day after and the agent had in fact done nothing at all.

  2. After one hour in the air the pilot announces they're having some rudder difficulties and decides to turn around, just to be in the safe side. The return and switching of planes delays us another 5 hours, in addition to the 3 days we'd already been set back.

Either way, check Flickr for some low-res pics or for some better--but less frequently updated--photos.