Wednesday, July 13, 2005


If you ever want a laptop with excellent wireless antennas, get an HP/Compaq. My dad has an HP; mom has a Compaq. They blow away the 12" Apple PowerBook (from 2003) with an Airport Extreme. Despite the addition of two wireless networks in the neighborhood from last summer, I can't get a consistent connection from inside... even with the aluminum foil. Looks like it'll be another summer of trading mosquito bites for bandwidth. Also, dad switched cellphones with me until his mobile gets unlocked, so there goes the Flickr activity.


Vincent said...

Sucks about the apple, maybe you can get some sort of wifi repeater or hack an external attena? what about buying a pcmcia wifi card and plugging it into your apple?

does dad's new cell have a camera? use it to take pics and upload them once it's unlocked.

Alex said...

John just installed a wireless antenna in his 12". It involved dremel-ing the battery and running a wire to the antenna, which sits flat on the monitor.

Sure, it's ugly, and requires cutting a hole in your laptop, but if reception is what you want...