Friday, July 29, 2005


Finished my first book ever: A Short History of Nearly Everything. Everything here means astrology, geology, physics, chemistry, taxonomy, zoology, etc. Thanks to [info]amienowheels for letting [info]songchilde borrow it.

Does anyone need a car? How about a 2004 Silver Toyota Corolla. Less than 30,000 miles. Say $12,000. Strike now and I'll throw in the auxiliary input adapter, i.e. you can listen to your MP3 player through the car stereo!

Does anyone have an apartment in the Palo Alto area? 3BR... ~$2000/mo. Need to move in by mid-September.

I always wondered what the 'FT' in MSFT (Microsoft's stock symbol) stood for. I mean MS must be MicroSoft... so what's FT? I recently became the last person to figure out that it must be MicroSoFT.

Anyone ever heard of SkillFusion? Just curious, and if so, what do you know about it?

Occasionally, NetNewsWire will "stick" on certain posts. When I advance to the next unread post, the title changes, but the entry body displays the content of the previous post. After about 20 seconds the body will update to display the correct information. Lazyweb? (as if I have that luxury)

I'm tired.

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