Monday, July 18, 2005


NetNewsWire needs to be able to display posts in chronological order, the reverse of arrival order. And if it is able to do so, I need to know how. It also needs the prefetching functionality of the Google Accelerator, for when I use it offline. Most of the more interesting posts include a link to some other document that I can't retrieve.

I got an e-mail from a guy about a mobile social network. He got my e-mail through some site that tracks community wireless groups. I [re-]started such a group after noticing there wasn't anything in the RDU area when I was interning at a company that dealt with setting up wireless networks. All the group ever entailed was a mailing list and I don't think anyone has posted on it in a while so I'll post the note here instead.

My team has created a project called Meetro that is a location based community building software of sort. You could also call it a social network. It works completely off of wifi networks, so we're looking to work
together with as many of the community projects out there to spread the word.

I fulfilled his request because of the latest news item on the page:

We've launched! Three cheers to the entire team for their herculean+ effort. We're off to get shitfaced. See you cats in the morning.

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