Monday, October 10, 2005


I was hoping one day to write about this stuff because I would've created it. Somebody else had the same idea I did: overlaying vector graphics on Google Maps. I'll just strike it off my idealog and go back to occupying my time with reading about cool stuff instead of doing it myself :/

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Alex Yacoub said...

It's a neat idea, but I think the implementation could use some work. It's a Flash overlay on top of a GMap. It seems to me that with all the effort Google went through to make their map service use standard browser tools, this plugin could do the same thing.

Also, I'm using Safari and blocking Flash, but when I turn it on, I can't properly pan or zoom. The google map pans, but the vector overlay doesn't (and likewise with zoom).

I'm sure what I'm suggesting (co-opting the actual map service to draw lines, or using Ajax to do it -- perhaps with SVG) is a much harder problem. I'm equally sure that it will be done soon enough; if not by a third party, then by Google.