Tuesday, February 28, 2006


When I was first introduced to Python, I'd have the hardest time spelling the word. I'd spell 'Pythong' half the time. Another guy on the group I was working with had the same problem.

Today, I was going to look up some documentation and I did it again so I inadvertently went to pythong.org and got something unexpected. They were nice enough to link me to my intended destination. It must be a pretty common slip.

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Alex said...

That's funny -- I happened to learn python last week in order to rewrtie a script I'm playing with. I feel like my coding patterns in the language are weak, though, because I don't understand it that well. Why are you learning python?

I don't think I make the thong mistake too much. I'm more apt to add a 'g' if a word ends in 'in'. On the other hand, I wrote pythong earlier in this comment and had to delete the 'g'.