Monday, August 21, 2006

Facebook RSS

They still don't support it, so here's an attempt to make that happen with the newly launched API. I wish it would at least expose the time a profile was last modified but that's probably like asking for them to publish emails and mobile phone numbers too. If you're daring, just login with your Facebook email/password. I don't know how/if other RSS clients handle HTTP authentication, but NetNewsWire does it very well.


Just the basics. What would be useful? Photos? Wall postings? Thanks goes to Ken K. for some help with the login procedure.

Update: the script is broken so I removed the link to it. I suspect the 'News Feed' feature is 10 times more useful anyway. See comments for more.


steve said...

i get this error:

Fatal error: Uncaught exception 'Exception' with message 'Invalid parameter' in /home/davidsso/www/martin/facebook/facebookapi_php5_restlib.php:228

Martin Davidsson said...

I just tried unsubscribing and adding it again and it went through :(

Did you get the error before or after entering your password? said...

I'm contacting Dave about integrating this kind of encryption support into NewsFire, I'll let you know how it ends up! Great idea, can't wait to be able to use it!

Anonymous said...

hmm. something interesting happened. i entered my real facebook login info, and got the exception error. then i tried with bogus info and got the exception error.

which leaves me with the obvious question:

dude, what are you doing with the facebook login information being captured on your server?

not cool.

if i don't see an answer posted here as to what your intentions are with this scheme in the next 24hrs, i'm reporting your ass!

Martin Davidsson said...

I bet it's broken by now. I haven't kept up. I was just playing around with the API when it was first released. Anyway, the login is certainly not stored. It was used in memory to try to create what is now a feature (the news feed). I don't know what makes you believe it captures information.

Anonymous said...

fair enough. but is your domain, and the martin subdomain is using the htaccess method, which will log the individuals entered info. i'm not suggesting that you are doing anything with that info - in fact ,that is why i asked about intent. nor am i suggesting there is malicious intent, but the info is being captured nonetheless. my suggestion would be to either remove the link, or fix it and allow it to log into a demo facebook account, provide the login info to that test account, which in turn relieves unsuspecting folks who want to test this script to have to enter their own otherwise confidential fb login info. i apologize for the alarmist approach, but i've seen to many scripts like this online which are not as innocent and i think as developers we should set an example on the methods we use to release experimental projects like yours to the public.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous: The instructions clearly said "If you're daring". Since you're obviously not daring, why the fuck did you enter your Facebook password? Idiot