Sunday, September 03, 2006

Free discreet MIDI ringtone!

It feels like I write about something whenever I've spent too much time on it, thinking someone else might do the same stupid thing I tried to do. This time it happened to be searching for a better ringtone. The preloaded ones are never good and I've missed one or two calls when the phone is in silent/vibrate mode, even in my pocket. I ended up trying to make one but I was surprised how difficult it was to find software for OS X that sequences MIDI files. Download.


Alex Yacoub said...

Not that this comment is of any value, but the ringtone is symmetric over time. (IE, it plays the same backwards.)

(I found this out by accidentally hitting cmd-left to go back one page.)

steve said...

when i get back to campus (next week) you need to show me how to load a custom midi ringtone. i've waited my whole life to hear the overworld theme from zelda one when my phone rings.