Thursday, June 02, 2005

Notebooks on night stands

My dad (XFN link!) once told me to always keep a notebook by my bed for times like these. I've tried going to bed but random thoughts are keeping me up so I'll jot them down on my notebook. My notebook just happens to connect me to the Internet.

I was experimenting with data URIs a few weeks back and learned you could create separate documents on the fly. My experiment created an inline OPML XML file based on a blogroll-like listing that you could save and import in your favorite reader. I thought it could lead to cooler things, like create a bittorrent of larger downloads where the site didn't already make them available. Tracking and seeding this file was still necessary, however, which put an end to those plans. Now that there's a trackerless version of BitTorrent, maybe this is possible?

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