Thursday, June 30, 2005

Work hard. Fly right.

Next on the list of people needed to started an epidemic is the Maven. I was reading about Mavens as Melanie and I were sitting at the gate waiting to fly to Newark and then on to Sweden.

Mavens are incredibly well-informed about markets and very helpful in assisting others in their purchases. I know a guy who watches automobile prices like a hawk and makes a nice profit on just buying and selling cars. He'll buy a BMW/Porsche/SAAB/whatever when he spots a good price, drive it for a few months, and then turn around and sell it for a profit.

After a few chapters we board the plane but soon the pilot says "Don't throw anything at me but we've been delayed by four hours." The flight was eventually cancelled due to inclement weather at Newark. They can't do anything about that, but the way they handled the situation was far from graceful. I'll pretend to be a maven by spreading my advice to use another airline when you fly. Fly SAS, or NWA, or any airline that uses Airbuses.

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