Saturday, August 27, 2005

Facebook vCards

Have any OS X users seen new entries popping up in their address book from I have a couple of entries that I know I didn't enter myself, and I know they're from thefacebook because the homepage field of the contact is set to that person's facebook profile page. Not all of "my friends" on the site have entries in my address book though. I can't find any kind of export link on the site. I've even asked support and they haven't gotten back to me. What's the deal?

I haven't been keeping up with people's information so it would be useful to have this kind of functionality. Maybe greasemonkey can help me out.


Steven Chau said...

I remember facebook had an export function under the FAQ section, but it had been removed. Did you find a solution to this issue yet? I am currently planning on writing a script to export my facebook contacts. If you google facebook export, there is one website that has a program to export facebook contacts, not sure if it is for MacOS.

Martin Davidsson said...

Sort of, is what I came up with. The post explains the downsides of the script.

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