Sunday, January 29, 2006

Facebook announcement pricing

One of the few ways that Facebook makes money, as far as I know, is through their announcements panel. I clicked on an announcement to make an announcement, and found out that it would cost me $15/day to announce something at Stanford. It's variable depending on the school. What determines this rate? The most expensive school is Penn State ($22/day). Does that mean it's based on the number of registered users?


Anonymous said...

I think maybe they do it by size of school in general, which is probably indicative of the number of registered users.


Anonymous said...

But there's got to be some other factor too, since Penn State isn't the largest school in the nation - maybe most registered users relative to total population. Or something. I just spent like 30 minutes goofing around facebook because of this post!

Amy again

Martin Davidsson said...

Sorry! But thanks for the response. Registered users releative to toal population sounds plausible.

steve said...

i doubt that total population has anything to do with it. why pay more for people who aren't even registered with the site? maybe it has to do with active users?