Friday, January 06, 2006


Ning is a neat idea but its components are pretty incomplete for being a mash-up "playground." For an example, I put together swivel, which is a silly app to explore the squared circle pool. except I wasn't able to use Ning's own implementation of the Flickr API because you can't retrieve tags. Wtbad. Also, is it just me or is the site sloow?

Update: I switched out the API I was using (phpFlickr) to a new one (phlickr), and it was still rather slow. I've found it much faster to query all photos, instead of a specific group. I don't have any hard evidence that this is the source of the lag, but it's better now. I wanted to try to speed things up since I got a couple of responses from some friendly Ning people. I suspected it was my app rather than Ning itself because other pages loaded fairly fast. Try it again.


Gina Bianchini said...

Hey Martin,

Thanks for trying us out. We appreciate it! I've asked David Sklar, our man on Components, to follow up with you on the Flickr API issue. Obviously, if its not usable, then we need to fix it asap :-)

With respect to our speed in recent weeks, you're right, we've been slow. We've had some pretty heady demand of late and have been working through a new back-end to support a much faster experience. We'll continue to optimize it over the next few weeks which should result in better performance across the board.

Again, thanks for giving Ning a whirl and bearing with us as we work out the kinks.

We really appreciate it.

Yoz said...

Just to add to Gina's comments: Thanks for joining us at Ning and building a nifty app! If you have questions or problems that need fixing, please don't hesitate to give me a yell: yozg (at) We'll be working on the Flickr API issue to get it running, and we'd love to see what else you cook up with our frameworks.