Monday, May 16, 2005

Cleaning Keyboards

We get cans of compressed gas dusters at work.

Alex: Sweet, I need this.

Alex begins dusting off the keyboard.

Jordan: What are you doing? That doesn't sound good. There's liquid coming out.
Alex: I know what I'm doing. I use these at home all the time.

Alex proceeds to shake the can and turn it upside down to get a better angle under the keys and sprays each row down the line.

Jordan: I just don't know. Isn't that stuff flammable? Like, maybe turn off your laptop first.

Alex picks up the can and actually reads the label.

Alex: "Use short quick blasts. Do not shake, or tilt or turn can updside down before or during use. Turn off all equipment before using.... EXTREMELY FLAMMABLE."

He couldn't have done things more wrong even if he tried.

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Matt said...

Boss's son at the place I worked 2 summers ago got frostbite from the stuff. He won the competition of "who could keep their finger in the compressed air frozen screw bin longer"