Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Extreme JavaScript

During my internship at IBM this spring, I met a certain person who I found very interesting. He was bright, funny, worked on some really cool technologies, and gave great presentations. I had a hard time agreeing with him on one point. He liked to gripe about the lack of features in web applications... arguing that users would prefer rich applications on the desktop. He was sort of biased since his work would benefit in the case that this preference was dominant across all users since he worked on a plugin for Ecilpse that produced Java applications.

I just watched another screencast by Jon Udell that showed a very impressive use of JavaScript in the browser. The company essentially build an IDE in the browser. The IDE was capable of doing most of the features I saw demoed by this certain IBMer. I wish I could go back and show him this kind of web application.

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